Year End Review

December, 2013,


Jakestakes’ Year-end Review

  2013 was a great year for going to the movies-the best in a decade. Rather than hewing to the over-worked tradition of picking “the 10 best”, here are a series of “bests” (in random order) and a quartet of big disappointments.

 Simply the Best-

1. Mud

2. Reaching For The Moon

3. The Past

4.  Nebraska

5.  Gravity

6.  The Dallas Buyers Club

7.  12 Years a Slave

8.  American Hustle

 Reportedly the Best- (Movies the professional critics said should be included above that I’ve been unable to see)

 1. Inside Llewellen Davis

2.  All is Lost

3.  Her

4.  Fruitvale Station


Not great, but noteworthy-

 1.   Elysium

2.  The Butler

3.   Blue Jasmine

4.   Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

5.  Enough Said

6.  Captain Phillips

7.   Short Term 12

8.  The Way Way Back

9.  Out of the Furnace

10. Prisoners


Biggest Disappointments-

 1.  August, Osage County

2.  The Counselor

3.  The Place Beyond The Pines

4.  Frances Ha


Best male actors in multiple roles-

 1.  Matthew McConaughey (Mud & The Dallas Buyers Club)

2.  Christian Bale (American Hustle & Out of the Furnace)


Best Science Fiction Images-

 1.  The astronauts' tethers in Gravity

2.  The space station for upper class citizens in Elysium


Best Foreign Films-

1. Reaching For The Moon

2.The Past

 Best Quiet Presence All Year

  Sam Shepard’s unobtrusive contributions to Mud, Out of the Furnace &        August, Osage County

  James Gandolfini’s vulnerable suitor in Enough Said

 And finally,

 Biggest Unanswered Question of the Year-Why did Disney spend nearly $200 million dollars on The Lone Ranger, 2013's biggest flop?


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